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Organization and Culture


We believe that in any job shop with the high number of jobs being processed on a monthly basis, we must be organized and we must communicate regularly and clearly.  We run an organized operation and strive to improve our systems.  For example, in order to prevent a product mix problem, we recently began using a different method of part identification and consolidation of parts while in process.  Seems simple, but it comes from a deep commitment to be ever improving and to communicate to all departments.

Problem Solving

Fordsell prides itself being a company that solves problems as a team believing that collaboration produces a better solution than the individual. Case in point, we recently had a challenge from a customer to re-develop our process and reduce the price on a part. We pulled together a group people--both shop and office personnel--to address this problem. We generated over 20 possible options, evaluated them and produced two paths to success. We tested the process, worked with suppliers, and presented a solution and sample parts to the delighted customer. The key here is that it took clear, honest and direct communication from the customer, their commitment to give us the opportunity to work on the problem and a willingness on the part of our team to generate options and explore possibilities.



Fordsell Machine Products developed a set of Company Values to guide our activities:

  • Integrity and sincerity

  • Respect - customers, suppliers, employees

  • Accountability for one's actions

  • A strong work ethic and pride of workmanship

  • Each person is important and makes a difference

  • Profitability

  • Learning from our mistakes and fixing the "system"

  • A sense of urgency to complete the task

  • Accuracy of work

  • Collaboration: Listening and initiative

  • Resourcefulness and innovation

  • Anticipation for problems in the future

  • Achievement

  • Humor

  • Continuous growth/improvement - personally, business, processes, systems      


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