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Gallery of Sample Parts

       These parts have been organized by our customers' industries.  It's likely you will find some parts that are similar to those you need, or parts with similar features or challenges.  In any case, we hope that these pictures will prompt you to discuss your needs with a Fordsell representative.  We are eager to help you with solutions for your part turning challenges.

Fordsell serves customers from a wide range of industries, but there are a industries with

special demands (below) that make our value proposition particularly compelling.

Hydraulic Components
We serve this industry with a strong presence in the hydraulic control valve industry providing such components as poppets, detents, spring retainers and others.

Pneumatic Components
We serve the pneumatic valve and regulator industries by providing retainers, sleeves, and other parts.

Many times these parts have demanding tolerance

and surface finish requirements.

Medical Equipment Components
We are proud to serve the medical equipment, prosthetics and other industries making a difference in the well-being of people

 across the globe.

Building and Construction
This segment includes hardware for commercial and academic properties as well as for construction

 equipment and implements.

Food Processing Equipment
We provide components for this segment, many of which have demanding material grade specifications.

Other Industries
Fordsell also has a broad base of experience serving other industries including specialized hydraulic tools, automotive, the process industries and many more.



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