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   First and foremost, Fordsell is a turning specialist.  There are many different types of automated turning strategies but ours is to focus on the low to medium volumes using conventional screw machines and CNC machines where product is created from bar stock.  We turn ferrous and non-ferrous materials as well as polymers up to a size of 2.375 inches diameter.

Secondary Operations

   To compliment the turning operations and to provide our customers  with an end to end solution, we offer an extensive range of in-house operations that can be done on the product after turning to bring it to a completed part.  These include drilling, milling, tapping, deburring and vibratory finishing.


Supply Chain Management

  Customers seek to bring a part in to their facility that is ready for use.  To that end, they can contract us to handle the finishing operations such as grinding, heat treating, plating, anodizing etc.

ISO Certified Quality Program

Our team innovates and creatively solves problems beyond the customary continuous improvement mindset.

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